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Taylor College Characters

Alan Alan Chilling was the president of the Student Association during my freshman year, until Sam and I uncovered some of his shady dealings, including raping a girl, stealing money from the student body and using that money to bribe people not to say anything. He went to prison for the rape.

Alicia Alicia Harris is Pepper's cousin and an old friend to her and Mike from high school.

Amelia Amelia is one of the women who shares an apartment with Teri. She's exceptionally tall.

Barry Barry Herschowitz is the RA on my floor. He's a good guy--honest, sincere about his work. He got the RA gig his freshman year, and now he's junior. He's never had a second thought about the job.

Bud Bud is the bass player for Dave's band, The Axis.

Chang Derek Chang is a good friend of mine who graduated with Matt, Joey and me, and has since transferred into Taylor College from Shermantown Community. In addition, I learned that the summer after my freshman year that he is my half brother. He doesn't know who his birth partents were, but I know that my father and a woman who died in labor gave birth to him. Chang was adopted into a Chinese family when he was born.

Dave Dave Starks is my roommate. He's a really intelligent guy, but not the hardest worker you'll ever meet. He is very interested in politics and very liberal, but conscious of avoiding a hippy image, so he's usually dressed in colored shirts and khakis. He's trying to kick his addiction to cigarettes. His level of success depends on the day.

Emma Emma Rogers is my ex-girlfriend. We got together a little while before Winter Break freshman year. She's a beautiful girl who I met in an English class. Her passion is music, and she sings the soprano parts for The Off Beats, Taylor's all-female a cappella group. At the risk of giving too much information, we're both virgins, and I think that's a part of what I like about her. We can quite literally sleep together, no varying expectations or levels of experience. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to taking things a step further sometime. But for now, it's reassuring. Besides that, we've gotten to know each other pretty well over these last few months. I trust her completely.

Geoff Geoff is Phoebe's boyfriend.

Hancock Hancock is a professor at Taylor and a strong feminist.

Jones I took a class with Professor Jones during the spring semester of my freshman year. He's very smart and, from my experiences unconventional. He's open to students' interpretations and ideas, and centers most classes, not around lecturing, but open conversation.

Larry Larry Schmidt was the Editor in Chief of The Window when I joined the paper. Sam and I uncovered his part in a major scandal, photographing then-SA president Alan Chilling raping a girl, then blackmaling him about it, leading to the downfall of each of the men.

Lenny Lenny is the drummer for Dave's band, The Axis. He is a big guy, and hardly ever speaks.

Mike Mike Weaveris a junior, and the starting shooting guard for Taylor's basketball team. It's not like it's a big sports school, per se, but he's still a little bit of a celebrity around campus. He lives down the hall from me and has always been pretty nice to me and Dave.

Nick Nick is a guitar player for Dave's band, The Axis.

Pepper Pepper has been Mike's girlfriend since high school. She goes to college in Massachusettes, and she and Mike don't get to see each other very often.

Phoebe Phoebe is one of the women who shares an apartment with Teri. She is also a leader for the campus television station. She is a proponent of getting attention for the station through shock value. She frequently has loud sex at the apartment with her boyfriend, Geoff.

Preston This is my story. I'm about to start my sophomore year at Taylor College in Butterton, NY. That's about a two hour drive from my hometown, Weaver, NY. You could say I traded one small upstate town for another. I'm the news editor for The Window, Taylor's weekly student newspaper, and work at the Front Desk of my dorm.

Sam Sam Hawkins is the incoming Editor in Chief of The Window, making him my boss. He is also the one who got me involved with the paper. I have a world of respect for his writing, and was flattered when he recruited me to work with him. He's all about getting to the heart of stories and covering news that's going to get people talking. These interests put him at odds with the Student Association powers that be.

Teri Teri Lawrence is my girlfriend. We first got together at her friends place on New Year's Eve. She was the Student Life Editor at The Window for my freshman year, and has moved up to the position of Managing Editor, second in command. She aspires to ultimately work in public relations.

Veronica Veronica Andrews is an ex-girlfriend. She is the director of The Off Beats, and a senior at Taylor. I met her through Emma, and we actually had a brief affair during the last weeks of my relationship with Emma. She broke up with me when I came to visit her in her hometown.

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