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Shermantown, NY Characters

Adam Adam is Valerie's boyfriend. He's kind of a jerk.

Anastasia Anastasia is the first co-worker I met at Stephon's. At first, she was pretty icy, but I got to know her and her family, learning that she helped care for a niece, and that her father left the family. We got pretty close and sort of dated for a bit that summer.

Chang Derek Chang is a good friend of mine who graduated with Matt, Joey and me, and has since transferred into Taylor College from Shermantown Community. In addition, I learned that the summer after my freshman year that he is my half brother. He doesn't know who his birth partents were, but I know that my father and a woman who died in labor gave birth to him. Chang was adopted into a Chinese family when he was born.

Dad My dad, John Burns, and I alternate between a close kinship and conflict resulting from from our different expectations and goals for my life. He's a defense attorney and I think he's always expected me to follow in his footsteps, maybe even work at his practice.

Darryl Darryl Goodman is a friend of my father's, and when his wife was found dead, he was put on trial for murder.

Grandma My mother's mother, Eleanor Stewart, is a really nice old woman. I have nothing but good memories from growing up with her and she's one of the people I really look forward to seeing when I go back home.

Jermaine Jermaine is one of my co-workers at Stephon's, who majors in broadcast communications at a local college.

Joey Joey is a friend of mine who graduated with Matt, Chang and me.

Johnny Johnny Reed is the embodiment of every negative stereotype of a jock asshole. He has bullied my friends and I when we visit our local bar, The Palace, and is currently dating Matt's ex-girlfriend, Julie.

Lois Lois is the store manager at Stephon's. She's talks fast, works hard, and is always on the go

Matt Matt Sharone and I grew up on the same street, and he has been my best friend since elementary school. We've been in trouble, we've been on top of the world. We double-dated to the prom, and when our hangovers wore off, we shot hoops at the park down the street. He goes to school in New York City now, but we keep in touch and visit when we can.

Mom My mom, Caroline Stewart, left my dad right before I left for college. They had been arguing for a long time, so I suppose I could have predicted it. Regardless, I didn't see her leaving, much less leaving for Andersonville, Florida where she lives now, managing a large hotel.

Preston This is my story. I'm about to start my sophomore year at Taylor College in Butterton, NY. That's about a two hour drive from my hometown, Weaver, NY. You could say I traded one small upstate town for another. I'm the news editor for The Window, Taylor's weekly student newspaper, and work at the Front Desk of my dorm. At home I work at a clothing store called Stephon's.

Ray Ray Burns is my older brother. He works out in Los Angeles, and lives with his fiancee, who aspires to be an actress. He's been a good friend, and on the rare occasions when I do get to see him, we usually have a great time.

Valerie Valerie Goodman is the daughter of a family that's friends with mine. I've always a had a crush on her.

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