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The following are the places, things and groups that define my life:

Bower Hall This dorm at Taylor College was home to James Kendrick, a student who allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the building. It is also Emma's sophomore year home.

The Crystal Castle The Crystal Castle is the gift store in Shermantown where Valerie works.

The Eskimos An Eskimo is the enigmatic mascot and team name for Taylor's varsity sports, including the Division III basketball team.

The Hammerhead The Hammerhead is a rundown bar at Taylor where Dave's band often plays.

The Lighthouse This is a new deli and snackbar on campus at Taylor.

McSavage Hall McSavage is my dorm for sophomore year, where I share a suite with Dave, Chang and Mike.

The Off Beats The Off Beats are Taylor College's all-female a cappella group. They're pretty good and put on shows on campus, besides competing pretty successfully in a national a cappella competition each year.

The Palace The Palace is a bar in Shermantown, notorious for being a place where underaged drinkers can find a way in.

Shermantown, NY My hometown is a small city in central NY.

The Sidewinders The Sidewinders are a talented all-male a cappella group from another school that is a rival group to The Off Beats.

Smith Hall This is the dorm where I lived my first year at college. It's about half freshmen.

Stephon's This is the clothing store where I worked the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college.

Taylor College This is the college I'm currently attending, in the small town of Butterton, NY. It's a private school with just under 5,000 undergrads.

The Window The Window is the weekly student newspaper at Taylor. The staff meets every Thursday, just after the new issue is delivered to the masses. There are a lot of people at Taylor who don't like the paper, but that's something that comes with covering the news.

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