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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fictional blog?

A blog is a web log—essentially a journal or diary posted on the World Wide Web. A fictional blog is one in which everything is made up. Preston Burns, friends, families, lovers, and most places depicted in this blog are not real, nor are they directly based on any existing, real world material. The purpose of this medium of publication is for entertainment. Barring certain vacation periods, or technical necessities, the blog will updated every day. You can make it a part of your daily routine to come to the site and see what's new in Preston 's life during your coffee break or between classes. Some days, Preston will write about major events. Some days will be more routine, lending insight into who Preston is, and the people in his life.

What will it cost me to use this site?

Nothing. The blog, summaries and virtually all features of the site are and will continue to be free for users.

If you like what you see here, I do encourage you to follow the link to “Get Gear” and support the site by purchasing some Preston Burns apparel. In addition, if you are in a giving mood and would like to support my work as a professional writer, I encourage you to check out the “Other Works by the Author” link, and consider buying a copy of one of my novels, Free Throw or Me .

Is this blog autobiographical?

None of the content of this site is intended as a reproduction, representation or direct parody of real world people, groups, places or institutions.

I maintain that a writer is best off writing what he or she knows. And so, much of who Preston is is grounded in my experiences. However, his life will have many substantial divergences from my own. Rest assured, this is fiction.

How can I advertise on this site?

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